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About us

We are a family company, based in Madrid, dedicated to search for smart solutions based on prefabricated metal structures. We employ highly experienced technical personnel.

We meet national and international projects from our Madrid offices, our own production centre in Fuenlabrada and our trade delegation in Málaga.

Our reference shareholder, GrupoTiasa Holding, enables us to enjoy a solid and sound financial structure, which facilitates undertaking the necessary growth investments.

Our main business lines are:

  • Modular architecture, designing and manufacturing turn-key personalised projects.
  • Construction of foldable and removable warehouses.
  • Design, manufacture and installation of Self-storage facilities.
  • Commercialisation, in sales and rental systems, of standard products (attachable modules, huts, security containers, monoblock sanitary systems, stages, stands and auxiliary elements for events such as ecologic bathrooms).

In order to grow in such a competitive environment, we try to make a difference through a high value-added service:

  • By offering innovative technical solutions and introducing state-of-the-art materials in modular architecture and manufacture.
  • By providing complete client advice: project requirements, services, etc.
  • By guarenteeing our compromise towards quality and warranty.
  • By applying strict quality controls to our production process.

Value, control and efficiency chain

Our projects expand as far as the needs of the client require. Modulnor has solutions adapted to all sectors in our society: residential, education, health, leisure and catering, airport services, engineering and architecture firms, public administration, distribution, petrochemical, recycling.

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