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  • Arquitectura modular y módulos prefabricados
  • Arquitectura modular y módulos prefabricados

Metal Prefabricated Structures

Modulnor offers a wide variety of smart and efficient solutions to solve space needs and/or complement pre-existing facilities.

Since 1977, we have been performing preindustrialised modular constructions. We use steel as our basic material due to its behaviour, precision and durability, which allows us to guarantee the quality of all our work.

  • Factory in Madrid.
  • Turn-key projects design.
  • Extraordinary delivery-time reduction.
  • Record-time transport and building.
    Significant reduction in investment costs.
  • Removable and portable installations with minimum ecological impact.
  • Lessened administrative procedures to qualify installations as movable assets.
  • Versatility and flexibility to adapt to the needs of the business model.
  • Innovative and differentiating design application.
    Zero accident rate and high security and hygiene thanks to the industrialisation of the production process and the minimum intervention needed from the client in installations.
  • Highly reusable materials.