• naves modulares modulnor

Modular warehouses

Modular warehouses. Fully removable, fully recoverable, and built by metal panels screwed together and to the perimeter metal hoop. The structure is made up of hot-rolled, galvanized profile gantries; cold-formed, galvanized metal straps, screwed to the gantries. Profiled galvanized sheet metal covers screwed to the straps.

Gantries are joined together by a secondary structure formed by C-type metal straps screwed by shims.

The rest of the structure is formed by cross-shaped braces, located at the end modules, both in the cover and as facing, built by L-type profiles screwed to the structure.

This makes the whole installation 100% removable, as it is not permanently fixed to the flooring, which enables the structure to be classified as a movable asset.